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Published on: Apr 30, 2009 @ 11:00


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WORKING WITH CARCINOGENS Health and safety representatives (HSRs) SEG WHS CommitteeSchool safety committeesLocal safety appointmentsReport an incident, injury or hazardAbout RiskWareRegulatory frameworkHow to report an incident injury or hazardFor managers responding to a reportReporting issues that require building or grounds servicesWhat to do in an emergencyFirst aidIncident accident reportingChief building wardens managementBuilding emergency procedures Handling of suspicious packagesChem Alert (MSDS)Mercury spillsWebsite testing and development WORKING WITH CARCINOGENSExposure to some chemicals is known to cause cancer in humans. The risk of cancer depends on a range of factors including the chemical, the exposure and the susceptibility of the individual who is exposed. Within the University, the use of known and suspected carcinogens must be actively avoided, and where necessary minimised. If work with a carcinogen is required, work practices must carried out in accordance with relevant legislation and established best practice. The risk assessment, safety data sheets, safe work procedures and other relevant documentation must be kept in a location that is readily accessible by those potentially exposed to the carcinogenic substance. Note that undergraduate students, including honours students, may lack experience in laboratory techniques and procedures. A mistake when handling a carcinogenic substance could result in an exposure with serious long term health consequences. In order to comply with these requirements, as well as privacy and confidentiality willie roaf mens jersey requirements, any actual or suspected exposure to a listed carcinogen must be immediately be recorded in Riskware. Safety, Health and Wellbeing will review the incident report and may refer an exposed person to an occupational physician for a medical assessment. The exposure must be investigated locally to determine whether the risk controls need to be changed.
still below average for a player who has started 47 of 48 games in the last three seasons. The Bucs were close to finalizing a new deal with a raise and extension before Dotson opted to stop attending voluntary workouts, and they pulled their offer, citing a team policy of not negotiating while players are absent from team activities. Ten months after he was traded to the Patriots as part of the deal for Pro Bowl guard Logan Mankins, tight end Tim Wright was back in a Bucs uniform on Tuesday after being waived by New England. "Some familiar faces, same facility, everything just flew back into what it was," said Wright, wearing a No. 85 jersey, since his old No. 81 is taken. "I’m pretty happy about that transition and being able to step in and contribute right away." Wright is one of five tight ends on the roster and is likely competing for three or four spots this fall. On Tuesday, he made several catches as the Bucs opened their three day mandatory minicamp. Wright caught six touchdown passes

3 Elements to a Deal Have you ever wondered why your perfectly fine classified ad fails to attract the attention you desire? There should be dozens no, hundreds of perspective buyers swamping your e mail inbox with offers. After all, you are offering a mint baseball card, a vintage coat, pristine used car, those wholesale priced sporting goods, and whatever other attractive items are in your inventory. Instead, you only have a slow trickle of questions, a handful of sales. What gives? More than likely, your terrance west game jersey sales are slow because you have not mastered the three techniques of writing a classic classified ad. Of course, give yourself credit for recognizing one important facet of today selling world. You decided to sell your stuff at an online classified site. As anybody in the business knows, online classified ads get you more privacy, a broader selection of buyers, and a wealth of tools to help you keep tabs on your transactions. When compared to a newspaper, cyberspace is also a wee bit
how to dress for business if you wish to promote yourself and your organization in a positive manner, How you dress depends on four factors: the industry in which you work, the job you have within that industry, the geographic area in which you live; and most importantly, what your client expects to see. Professional Dress for Men In men clothing, fashion does not change significantly from season to season but business attire is about being professional and not about being fashionable. It about presenting yourself in a way that makes your clients feel comfortable and confident with you. Dressing for success is still the rule. The professional businessman should keep in mind these few points when deciding what to wear to work. Choose a conservative suit in navy, black or gray either pinstripe or solid. The quality of the material speaks as loudly as the color and can make the difference between sleaze and suave. A solid white or blue dress shirt with long sleeves offers the most polished